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Switched PDU

ZD Series Products have built-in power chip, which helps with the acquisition of voltage, current, power, Watts, and power factor-related information; LCD panel can display voltage, current and IP. They can also operating power switch through LCD panel. You may add Temperature and humidity sensors c

Power Monitor Diagram

PDU Collection Server has an independent LCD panel and two bottoms for viewing equipment current by cycle or individual display. Each PDU Collection Server can cascade 8 PDU at maximum. Easy view current and power condition of each outlet through LCD panel. Check the temperature and humidity of


Optional temperature and humidity sensor to monitor 7 locations of temperature and one location of humidity. Warning by Email and SMS to bring environment real-time monitoring and warning come true. Support SNMP V1, V2, V3. User can check 2Port EnvirPro status via SNMP View. Support SNMP Trap