Remote Power Monitor Unit, Smart Monitor

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Smart Monitor
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    Key Features

    • PDU Collection Server has an independent LCD panel and two bottoms for viewing equipment current
      by cycle or individual display. Each PDU Collection Server can cascade 8 PDU at maximum.
    • Easy view current and power condition of each outlet through LCD panel.
    • Check the temperature and humidity of working circumstance through LCD panel.
    • Set up overload warning value and turn off the buzzer by two bottoms.
    • Buzzer will be triggered when current overload happened and the panel will indicate the outlet which caused overload. And the blue and red lights of LCD panel will continue flashing to mention user for warning.
    • Support RFID card reader and can detect the movement of rack door to prevent someone open the door to do unauthorized operation.
    • Monitor current consumption, temperature and humidity of working circumstance through Internet interface to replace the presence of MIS engineer.
    • By Email and SNMP TRAP to do instant warning to respond any abnormal conditions happen to important equipments.
    • Fuse protector will work automatically when current overload happened.
    • Record operation message and abnormal current message for checking by user.
    • Conform to SNMP agreement. User can use SNMP View to integrate monitor function directly.
    • Support API interface to allow users to develop their own program to do remote power monitor.
    • Support firmware upgrade through network.

    Main Export Market

    Australia ,Belgium ,Brazil ,Canada ,Czech Republic ,Egypt ,Greece ,Guam ,Hong Kong ,Hungary ,Iran ,Israel ,Italy ,Korea, North Korea ,Lithuania ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Nigeria ,Portugal ,Saudi Arabia ,Singapore ,Spain ,Taiwan ,Thailand ,Turkey ,Ukraine ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom ,United States ,Uruguay ,Viet Nam


    Small Order Recommendation

    EPH-2A-12 / EPH-2B-12 (Front View)
    USD 325.00-325.00
    ZDL-4B-15 (Front View)
    USD 290.00-290.00
    ZDL-4A-16 (Front View)
    USD 290.00-290.00
    SH4242 (Front View)
    USD 294.00-294.00
    ZDL-2A-12 / ZDL-2B-12 (Front View)
    USD 178.00-178.00